Preview for Shabbat 9/23-24/11

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Thursday, September 22, 2011 – 23 Elul 5771
Preview for Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelekh

Saturday, September 24: 7 PM – Minha, followed by S`likhot program – Kol Nidrei – 18 Voices – a stunning documentary on the history and impact of Kol Nidrei, followed by S`likhot services – OPEN TO ALL

If you would like to give a Dvar Torah, the following dates are available, please let me know:
Friday, October 21 – 8 PM service
Saturday, October 22 – 9:30 AM service
Friday, October 28 – 8 PM service
Saturday, October 29 – 9:30 AM service


A. Sunday, September 25:
1. 9 AM: Morning Minyan & Religious School
2. 7:45 PM: Evening Minyan

B. Saturday, October 1, 9:30 AM: Minyanaires Shabbat – Join us in honoring our dedicated Minyanim on Saturday, October 1 for Minyanaire Shabbat. The service will be followed by a special Kiddush luncheon in their honor, sponsored by the Temple Board. If you are a minyan regular and would like to participate in this service at any level, please let us know

C. Thursday, October 6, 8 PM: Coffee & Clergy Corner – Springfield Barnes & Noble: Rabbi Mallach & Reverend David Knecht, Holy Cross Lutheran Church – will lead a topical discussion on issues that we all face – OPEN TO ALL – this is the inaugural evening for this event

D. Saturday, October 15, 9:30 AM: The Kiddush Luncheon will be sponsored this Shabbat by Kate Stern in commemoration of the 1st Yahrzeit of her husband, Martin, may his memory be for a blessing

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II. September 23, 2011 – 25 Elul: Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelekh

A. Candle Lighting Time: 6:35 PM
B. 8 PM: Kabbalat Shabbat services
1. Kiddush Soloist: Lesley Brooks
2. Sermon Theme – Healing Service
3. L`kavod Shabbat – Special Honors
a. Responsive Readings:
b. Open Ark for Aleinu:
4. Bima Officers: Jeff Scherzer & Scott Rothbort
5. Oneg Shabbat: Sponsored by the Women’s League

II. Saturday, September 24, 2011 – 25 Elul: Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelekh

A. 9:30 AM: Shaharit L`Shabbat in the Sanctuary:
1. Shabbat Coordinator: Marilyn Garlen
2. Baal Tefillah Preliminary Service (Prayer Leader): Larry Horwitz
3. Baal Tefillah Shaharit: Lesley Brooks
4. Dvar Torah: Rabbi
5. Baalai Koreh (Torah Readers): Ken Melman & Lesley Brooks

6. Baal Maftir (Haftorah Reader): Lesley Brooks
7. Gabbayim (Torah Proctors): ?
8. Baal Tefillah Musaf: Rochelle Shvartsman
9. Special Aliyot

a. Congregational Aliyah:
b. B`nai Mitzvah Anniversary Aliyah:

10. Bima Officers Scheduled: Jeff Scherzer & Scott Rothbort
11. The Kiddush luncheon following services is sponsored by EAC
B. 10:30 AM: Youth Services ARE in session
1. Grades 4 – 6 are in the Chapel
2. Mini-Minyan, grades K – 3 are in classroom # 2

C. 12:30 PM: Exploring Judaism Class: Belonging (AHM YISRAEL) – this class will meet in the Board Room approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of Shabbat morning services – ALL ARE WELCOME – it is geared to those potentially interested in exploring conversion or those who just want to explore and learn more

Next Shabbat: Shabbat – Haazinu – Shabbat Shuvah

There have been inquiries about the next potential congregation Israel tour, such an event depends on several factors:
1. Currently exploring departure dates for the end of June, 2012
2. Having a nucleus of participants to make it viable – 20 adult minimum
3. Having a chairman to organize
If anyone is interested, please let me know and we can discuss the possibilities (NOTE: HAVE GOTTEN MANY RESPONSES, INTEREST IS CLEARLY GROWING… it is looking better & better, but REALLY do need a chairman…)

Shabbat Shalom